[7 Days To $1000+] Set-and-Forget Traffic 🤑 (Day 2!)

Here we are at Day 2 of 7 in this $1000+ a
in the passive commissions series.

Yesterday was all about laying the foundations,
so if you haven’t done that yet, go back to day
1 and complete those steps, then come back
to this email.


Good, welcome back. Let’s move on to stage 2
which is all about driving set-and-forget traffic
to your system.

This is an important step as it builds on the
the foundation of the system by mobilizing
traffic from different sources that keep coming
in even when you’re doing other things.

Targeted traffic is what will get you leads,
which will lead to commissions.

You know, the stuff that ends up in your bank
that you can use to buy things and also
scale up your business.

This 7 days series is all about getting you to 1000+
a month
in passive commissions without having to
go through all the fluff that the gurus out there are
telling you.

So if you want to stop spinning your wheels, follow
my advice because this is what actually works.

Day 2: Set-And-Forget Traffic (The Setup)

The following are 5 programs that you can join
for set-and-forget traffic. I am a member
of all of them and I remain a member because
they keep sending me autopilot traffic every month
which helps me build my business and make an
income online.

If that sounds good to you, then what I recommend
you do it join all 5 of these programs as they are all
affordable and only costs a few bucks to join.

If you’re really on a shoestring budget, join the first
and then join more as and when your budget
allows. Re-invest any profits you make back into
getting more autopilot traffic.

Join EZClixClub – Click HERE

Join Traffic Blaster Pro – Click HERE

Join Click Traffic Cyclone – Click HERE

Join The Click Engine – Click HERE

Here is one that will also get you more traffic
by posting ads which you can do manually or
you can set up your autopilot ads in the
members area:

Join 60-Second Traffic – Click HERE

You can never have too much traffic, so if
you want to make a real success of this you
do have to put in a few dollars to get the ball

The great thing about this is that as the profits
come in
from your system, you can re-invest
it back into getting more traffic.

This is how you go from making the odd commission
here and there, to making commissions both daily
and passively.

But first, you have to take action to get it going
and there’s no such thing as a free lunch, despite
what some people may tell you.

Some of these programs will have one time
offers which include deals such as doubling
your traffic. These are worth paying for once
to get the upgrade because you only need
to make a sale or two with that traffic and
you’re in profit.

Join those programs today and stay tuned
for part 3 of 7 tomorrow as we continue
taking action to get you to $1000+ monthly
passive commissions whilst you are building
a real online business.

Recap Action Steps for Day 2:

Join These 5 Recommended Programs:

Join EZClixClub – Click HERE

Join Traffic Blaster Pro – Click HERE

Join Click Traffic Cyclone – Click HERE

Join The Click Engine – Click HERE

Start Posting Ads Here:

Join 60-Second Traffic – Click HERE

Once you have completed these steps you
will have your system set up and autopilot
traffic going to it which means you can start
earning passive commissions and getting leads.

I will be back with part 3 of 7 tomorrow
so stay tuned!

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