Day 10 [Free List Building Tip] Check out these 3 lead sources…

Here are 3 lead sources that you may be interested in…

#1 – Safelists:

A safelist is a group of email users that have agreed to
add their email address to a mailing list and use that
list to send their promotional emails. It is a closed group
where people send emails to each other.

If you head over to my Ultimate Traffic Resource there
is a section there on safelists that I recommend, which
I will be adding up-to-date safelists that are actually working
well right now.

It is the section with the heading “Top Viral Mailers & Safelists”;

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The thing about using safelists is this.  Make sure to have a different
email address that you use to sign up for these safelists.  Make this
one a special email that is just for safelists.

For your free email ads that go out to the safelists, pitch your
free opt-in.  Just like everything else with cold emails and
cold advertising, your goal is to get people onto your warm
organic list.#2 – Click Engine.

This actually puts BUYERS onto your list – best for
the “make money online niche”. 

It works like this… People subscribe to ClickEngine
for around $5 a month. They get to add their opt-in
page into the mix.

Then they get emails with links to the opt-in pages
all the other people have entered. Why would they
open and click?

Because there are random cash prizes given several times
a month to those who have opened and clicked. It is a
very cheap way of getting some quality leads.

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#3 – LinkedIn: is often overlooked but it’s the
21st most popular website in the world with over
a billion people visiting a month.   If you build a
Linkedin profile and join a few groups in your niche,
you can start to network with people in your space
fairly quickly.

Unlike, Facebook, many people on Linkedin have their
contact email readily available on their profile under
“Contact Info.”  This creates a great opportunity to
start manually finding people with like-minded interests
who might be interested in your newsletter.

LinkedIn actually has a tool called the LinkedIn
Sales Navigator will speed up this process greatly,
however it is not a free tool.  You can sign up for a
free 30-day trial but you’ll have to remember to cancel
before it is over.

Alright, that’s 3 more ways to go out there
and get some leads.  

This is far from all the ways to get them…but this is a
great start and cold leads definitely have their
place in list building strategy.

In our next email, we’ll be diving into buyer leads.


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