Day 12 [Free List Building Tip] Let’s sell something…

So in day 11, you put the pieces together for a
nice low-ticket product that will make a great upsell
for when someone opts in for your free offer.

Now what?

Well, we need to do a few things today.  Let’s take it in steps:

Step 1) Create the Navigational PDF (this is your finished product)
Step 2) Create the sales page, and incorporate it into your existing funnel
Step 3) Release the product

Okay, that’s 3 simple steps, but the devil is in the details,
so let’s get started and make this a reality:

TASK 13: Getting Your Paid Product Live

Step 1. Create the Navigational PDF (this is your finished product)

Alright, so you have a video, audio, and a transcript for the
video, and a mind map as well.  How do you package all these
pieces together to give a customer?

First, let’s upload these resources so that we can link them.  The
transcript, the mindmap, and the audio can all be uploaded to your
google drive account.  Once uploaded, change the shared access on
these files to “anyone with the link.”

Next, head over to youtube and upload that video presentation
to your channel but make sure the video is “unlisted.”  That unlisted
status will ensure that only people with the URL link to the video can find it.

Now that your resources are uploaded and can easily be linked to,
let’s create a PDF document that can act as a sort of navigational hub
so that people who buy your product can access everything easily. 

I want you to create a document, using Word or Google docs or
whatever word processing program you prefer.  Here is what it
should look like.  Let’s take it by page.

Page 1) Cover page

GO ahead and name your UPGRADED version of your free offer, and
put that name on the first page of the document.  Right underneath the name
of the product write “An official [name of your business] release.”

Next, you want to put a cover on that page as well.  To get that just head over
to Canva(dot)com and sign up for a free account.  They will have plenty of free
templates for book covers that you can adapt to your purposes.

Once you have that cover, download it as a PNG file and then insert
the cover onto page 1 of your document.

Page 2) Warning Page

On page 2 you want to put a simple warning, to help deter people
from sharing your paid product around.  Here is a template:



If you have this special downloadable edition of [INSERT PRODUCT NAME HERE] It
is because you have purchased the product and have been given this copy of it personally
by [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE]. It is not to be distributed freely to people who
have not bought the product.”


Page 3. Legal Page

Here is a simple template for a legal page that you can
use.  Just modify it to fit your needs:


Legal Page

Legal Notice
This publication includes personal use rights only.
You may not:
Redistribute or give this book away
Sell this book
Claim authorship of this book
Copy, swipe, or rewrite this book
Re-transmit any part of this publication in any form (text, video, etc.)

While the author has made every attempt to provide you with the most accurate
and effective information possible, he/she cannot guarantee your success. Your own
work ethic, copywriting abilities, ability to follow instructions, and perhaps even luck,
coupled with current market conditions, may all play a role in your results. The author
assumes no liability for any expenses incurred by the reader as a result of following
the advice set forth in this book.

Earnings Disclosure
As a demonstration of the author’s compliance with the legal guidelines set forth by the
FTC, he wishes to offer you full transparency. It should be assumed that many of the links
included throughout this publication are, in fact, affiliate links. The author may receive
financial compensation for purchases generated via these links. Thank you for your support!


Page 4. Main Content

Here is where you simply write “Main Content” and a brief description of
what you have listed and how to access it.  After that, you simply list the resources
and link them.  It would look something like this:


Below are direct links to the complete [insert name of product].  Simply
click on the link to access the resources:

1. Video Presentation
2. Audio Presentation
3. Transcription
4. Mind Map


Page 5. Support and Recommended Resources

Page 5 is simply where you put your customer support email, in case
your customers have any questions for you, and you also put your
recommended resources section here.

The recommended resources section is a great way to introduce
customers to your blog, as well as pitch other products that you have
out, or affiliate offers.

Last Thing

The last thing you need to do is add a footer to the product.  In this footer
make sure you include the copyright year and the name of your business.  Link
the name of your business to your website.

After that go ahead and download the document as a PDF and BOOM, you
have a finished product ready to go.  Don’t worry, we’ll upload it somewhere
later, but for now, it’s fine sitting on your hard drive.

Alright, on to Step 2…

Step Two. Create a sales page, incorporate it into your existing funnel

Before we do anything else, I want you to go over to your autoresponder
and create another list.  This one is going to be your Buyers list, and you
call it [Insert name of your business] Customer Newsletter.

After you have that created, set it up to that when someone joins
this list, they come off of your Warm Organic list.  When you send your
emails out, they will be going to both lists and you don’t want
people getting double emails.

Now that we have a finished product, we need to create a
sales page for it.  There are many ways that you could create a
sales letter/page but I don’t want to send you down too many
rabbit holes here. 

The fact of the matter is, simple is best.  Simple is great.  Just
look at the Google homepage, it’s the most popular website in
the world and there is nothing there but a search box and a logo.

What really matters with the sales page is the offer, not how
the sales page looks, contrary to popular belief.  

A great offer can be sold with mediocre sales copy and an amateur
sales page, while a bad offer doesn’t have a hope on the most professional
copy money can buy.

A simple strategy for sales letter writing is the 12-step method:

1) Headline – Get their attention with a headline that stands out

2) The Problem – Let them know you know what their problem
is and exactly how it feels.

3) The Solution – Now let them know that you have the solution to
that problem.

4) Credentials – Why should they trust you?   How do you know how
to solve their problem?

5) Benefits – Now let them know the benefits of the product.  This is all
about what it will do for them.  Think about a feature like “gets you traffic”
and add on to that “so you can…” When you start answering that “so you can” question,
you will be getting some good benefits.

6) Social Proof – Now comes the part where you add any testimonials
you might have.  Don’t use fake testimonials.  If you don’t have them,
skip them.  This one might be something you come back to after you sell
the product for a little while.

7) Offer – This is where you make the offer.  Minimally it will have
a section that lists everything included, a call to action, and a buy button.

8) Guarantee – Give the strongest guarantee you are able to give.  Be fair,
but don’t be a pushover.

9) Inject Scarcity – The fear of loss is always greater than the promise
of gain.  This can be added to an evergreen product by simply stating
that pricing is being experimented with currently and that buying now
can ensure the best possible price.

10) Strong Call to Action – Tell them what you want them to do

11) Warning – Tell them what will happen if they don’t take action.  
An example would be, “If you don’t take action on this today, you
know exactly what will happen.  Nothing.  Nothing will change at all.”

12) The P.S. – This is a great place to remind them of that scarcity.

That’s the whole thing.  After that, just make sure you have a link
to your legal page and your contact page at the bottom of your sales page.

Now we have to get those buy buttons in place.  We need some kind
of way to take payments from people.  That’s the next step…

Step Three. Release the product

First, we need a way to sell this thing and make money.  Now you can
go directly through Paypal or Stripe (two payment processors) and they
both have the ability to give you buy buttons to place on your sales page.  

Just simply look up how-to videos on youtube for quick tutorials.

Alternatively, you can go through a marketplace that will allow you to
tap into a network of affiliates that could potentially promote your product.

All of these services can be integrated in one way, shape, or form with your
autoresponder so that when customers buy your product, their email is
automatically added to the buyer’s list.

Now going in-depth on how to list products and offers on a platform
or how to set up automation with autoresponder integration is beyond the
scope of this challenge.  It’s something that is best explained in a dedicated
video on the topic.  

However, just like Paypal and Stripe, the videos are out there
on Youtube and easily accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

Once you have your buy buttons on your sales page and
everything is working properly, you want to add this product
to your existing free offer funnel.  

All you need to do is go over to your bridge page and add this small bit: 

Thanks for picking up our awesome Cheat Sheet!  Be sure to
check out [INSERT PRODUCT NAME] as it is the more in-depth

video guide covering everything outlined in the cheat
sheet and more!

Then you drop a link to your sales page.

Next, go into your autoresponder and add that same
message as a P.S. to all 5 of your email messages.

The next job is to update your cheat sheet to include
a simple pitch for your paid product.  Make sure you
update the link to the new PDF in your Welcome Email.

Now everyone who opts in for your free thing will be
exposed to your offer 7 times.

Finally, once you have all those things done, send out
an email campaign to your list, letting them know about
your new product.  Ideally, make it a 4-day campaign
with at least 1 email a day.  

That’s it.  You’ve just released your first paid digital product
and it is installed in your funnel.  Now you can widen the funnel
if you like by creating more free offers.  You can deepen the funnel
if you like by adding more paid products.  It’s pretty exciting stuff.   

Although there is a lot we didn’t cover here in this simple
challenge, you now have the foundational pieces to start building
your customer list.  It will be your most powerful list of all.

I have just one more message for you in this challenge, and
it’s an important one, so be sure to tune in tomorrow for that
but in the meantime, get your paid product up and for sale.

There are never any guarantees on how many copies you’ll sell,
but one thing is for sure, if you never get it out, you’ll sell zero.  

So take some action and get this thing moving.

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