Day 13 [Free List Building Tip] Use the experience…

Wow… What a crazy 14-day journey.  

Over these last 14 days, you have learned
how to build 3 different kinds of lists.  You
have been armed with the tools to absolutely
CRUSH IT online.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are within your
reach between your warm organic list, your cold list,
and your customer list.  This is no minor thing…

TASK 14: Use the experience…

Firstly, this 14-day journey that you have just taken,
whether you realize it or not, is an experience.  You might
have been the greenest of the green newbies when you
started this journey, but now that’s not true anymore.  

You have a little experience under your belt.

I want you to write an email about this 14-day journey
that you have been on.  It’s content for your list.  

Secondly, convert it to a blog post for your blog
and your medium account.

Thirdly, make the video version for Facebook
and youtube.

In this way, you not only use this challenge to build your list,
but you are also getting content from your new experience.


This is the end of the challenge.

Be sure to reply to this email and let me know how you did.  
Has it been helpful?

I love hearing from people and I am really interested in
how people do on this one, as it will affect what kind of
challenges I create going forward. Below is a roundup of
resources I have put together for you so that you have
them in one place.

Resources Roundup:

Tools & Services:

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