Day 2 [Free List Building Tip] About these leads…

Ready for day 2? Here we go…

So in our last email, I was talking to you about
the 3 things that you will need to get started
with this challenge.  They are a name for your
business or project, an autoresponder, and a website.

If you are reading this email and you don’t
have those 3 things, go back and get them
together before proceeding.

Now, today is all about lead education.  I’m going
to be showing you how to get some leads on your list,
and put you in a position to make money with that list.

To do that though, you need to understand what you
are looking at.

You see, email leads are not created equal and for all
intents and purposes, there are 3 main types.  Let’s learn what they are…


Type 1: The buyer lead – This is a person who is on your
email list because they bought something from you.  

This is the most responsive kind of email lead and the
kind that will be the most receptive to immediate sales pitches.  
They are the most valuable kind of lead you can have.

Type 2: Warm Organic – This type of lead hasn’t bought anything
from you yet, but they have been exposed to your marketing or
your content before they ended up on your list.  

For this reason, they are a little more receptive to your emails and your offers.  

They aren’t as eager to buy as your customer (buyer) leads, but they
know who you are and you have developed a little more rapport
with them than just a stranger.

An example of this kind of lead would be someone who was exposed
to you through youtube or some other form of social media, found their
way to your free offer (more on that later), and joined your mailing list. 

Type 3: Cold – Cold leads are people who don’t know you at all.  

They have no trust or rapport with you.  They very well could see
your emails as a nuisance in their inbox and they will require more
work to build rapport with them.  Many email marketers call this
“warming up the leads.”

These leads are the least valuable but it’s important that
you understand why.

The reason they are the least valuable is that they will require
the most time and effort, and it’s a two-way street when it comes to
not knowing.  They might not know you, but you don’t know them either.

Depending on how you acquired the leads, they could be completely
wrong for your list.

However, cold leads still have an important part to play.  Less value
does not mean NO value.  It just means a little more work is required.

Throughout this 14-day challenge, I’ll be showing you
how to build 3 lists.  One list for each style of lead, respectively.

We will be building a list for warm organic traffic.  Then we will
move into cold list building and finally, towards the end of this
challenge, I’ll show you how to build your buyers list.

Tomorrow, we are going to get started with the foundation
of list building though…

Warm Organic.

That’s enough for today.  For now, familiarize yourself with these
3 styles of email leads, and I’ll see you in the next email.

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