Day 3 [Free List Building Tip] Your First Asset…

The First Asset…

Alright, you’re a champion.  You have your business name,
your autoresponder, and your website together (nothing on it
yet but don’t worry about that, having it is enough right now

Great work.

In our last email, I was teaching you about lead types.  We had buyer leads,
warm organic leads, and cold leads.  Not all weighed equally for sure but still
all valuable in their own right, and all have a place in your online ventures.

Today, we are starting on the path to getting warm organic leads.
To do this we are going to be creating something that we can give
away in exchange for an email.

Remember, this thing you will be creating is an asset.  Even though
you might be using it to give away for now, in the future you might
use it in a different way.  It can be positioned and repositioned in
multiple ways once you create it.


A couple things to keep in mind here.  

First, free never goes out of style. Don’t let people tell you
differently.  It’s always popular.

What DOES goes out of style is the offer.  That can get old,
outdated, or just not great, to begin with, and people won’t
care about it.

Second,  when you are creating a free offer, there are
3 things that you absolutely need:

1. It needs to be easy and quick to consume.
2. It needs to offer quick results
3. It needs to extend the invitation to continue the conversation.

Now that you know you need those 3 things in your offer, I have
1 additional rule for you, and it is of the utmost importance that
you follow this one.  What is it?

My one additional rule: This is a 1-day project.  Don’t spend days
and days, or even weeks and weeks putting this together.  Money
loves speed and so does success so we are going to be moving this
forward quickly.

But how do you do it?  How can you get this asset created in just 1 day?

We are going to be creating a simple one-page cheat sheet.

Not only will it come together quickly but it also satisfies
one of the 3 things we need, it is easy and quick to consume.  

So let’s take this step by step and get our cheat sheet created:

Step 1: Pick a problem – Research your niche for common problems
and topics of interest that keep coming up over and over again.  Check
the forums, the Facebook groups, and the niche-related youtube channel
comment sections.  An example of the internet marketing niche would
be “how do I get traffic?”

Step 2: Research and Solutions – Now I want you to either draw from
your experience in the niche, or do some research for a solution or for
a few solutions to this problem.

Step 3: 10 Steps Or Less – Next, I want you to bullet point out 10 steps
or less approach to solving this problem.  If you have 22 steps, you have
too many steps.  Simplify it.  If you want to offer multiple simple solutions
to the problem then keep it to no more than 10.  An example would be coming
up with 5 simple ways to drive traffic or a 7 step action plan for getting more traffic.

Step 4: Word the Offer – This step is very important.  It is the thing that
will make people opt in.  So what I want you to do is head over to and enter the keyword that represents
the problem you are solving.  

For example, I’ll use traffic.  This generator is going to spit out about
700 title ideas for me.  I just need to adapt 1 to my purposes.

Here are the top 3:

1)        Quick and Easy Fix For Your TRAFFIC
2)        What You Should Have Asked Your Teachers About TRAFFIC
3)        Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind TRAFFIC?

So if I have a 7-step action plan for getting more traffic
I can easily adapt that first headline from:

Quick and Easy Fix For Your TRAFFIC


This 7-Step Action Plan is a Quick and Easy Fix For Your TRAFFIC!

If I was creating a cheat sheet that is going to give them
5 easy ways to get more traffic, I could take that 3rd one
and change it from:

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind TRAFFIC?


5 Mysteries of TRAFFIC Revealed (For your quick results!)

You essentially use the generator for inspiration and ideas,
and you adapt it to the problem you are solving.

Step 5: Create The Asset – The next step is to open up a
simple Word document (or a Google Doc, or whatever word
processing program you like) and create this thing. 

1. Put the headline at the top. 

2. Write a simple intro explaining who you are, and what this
cheat sheet is.  3 to 5 sentences here.  Don’t write a novel.  It’s quick.

3. Give the actual content that solves the problem

4. Extend the invitation to continue the conversation.  By this I
mean to let them know that if they got value out of this simple cheat
sheet, be sure to check their inbox because you put out weekly emails
with more awesome content to help them in your niche.

5. Make sure you add a footer with a copyright notice that will have
the name of your business. This should be a clickable link to your
website.  This is for brand awareness.

6. Save the one page as a PDF document.

This simple one-page is perfect.  

It’s quick and easy to consume, and it offers a quick resolution
to the problem, and it extends the invitation to continue the

In addition, it builds a small amount of rapport with that
intro and it builds a small amount of brand awareness
with that footer copyright.

All that in a simple one-page cheat sheet.

Remember, above all else… action is the key.

Even if you are taking longer than a day to get these tasks
done, as long as you are moving your project forward every day,
you will succeed. So make sure you are keeping it moving forward,
no matter what.

Okay, get this knocked out.  Make it happen and I’ll see you
tomorrow for your next task.  

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