Day 4 [Free List Building Tip] Now what?

So we are on DAY 4 of your list-building tips.

Now what?

Well, you’ve done it.  You have that one-page cheat sheet
ready to rock and roll.  It’s a PDF.

It’s strategic.  It’s glorious.  Now what?

First, I want you to go over to your autoresponder and create
a new list.  This list is going to be called “the (whatever you
named your business) newsletter.”

So for example if you called your online business,
Super Smash Leads, then you would call this list
The Super Smash Leads Newsletter.  

This list is going to be the place you collect warm
organic leads. Next, we need to build a couple of
pages on the website, you acquired… 


We need two pages.

Get on your website and create two pages.  A lead capture
page and a bridge page.  Just name something
associated with your free cheat sheet.

For example, if you had a free cheat sheet called: 

5 Mysteries of TRAFFIC Revealed (For your quick results!)

Then maybe you call these pages:




Call them whatever you want, but make sure you can
relate the pages back to the offer, and make sure they
are fairly short and easy to remember.

Now we need to build the actual pages out.

First, we need to create this lead capture page.  It’s basically
just a page where people can enter their email, in exchange
for something free that you give them.  

How you build this page is going to be a little different
depending on what you are using for a website.  If you
are using your own hosting and WordPress you might
use a free page-building plugin like Elementor.  

If you are using a free option like Wix, you will probably
be using their internal page builder

No matter how you are doing it, what you need on this
lead capture page will be the same.

I want you to think simply.  Don’t cloud this page up
with a bunch of extra stuff here.  

1. You need your headline.  
   1. It’s the same thing you tilted your cheat sheet.  
   2. The same phrase you used the title generator to find.

2. You need an opt-in.
   1. This opt-in is the place where people are going to enter their email addresses in exchange for the free cheat sheet.  
   2. This opt-in will be connected to your autoresponder. In most cases, you can actually create this opt-in form inside your autoresponder and embed it on your page.
   3. This opt-in will be connected to the new list you just created for warm organic leads.  So when they enter their email and join your list, they will go on your “warm organic” list.
   4. When you create the opt-in form, you will have to decide where you want the person to go after they opt in.  Set it to where they will go to your bridge page after they opt in.

3. You need to test the lead capture page.
   1. Be sure to actually test your lead capture page and make sure it is working.  Make sure that when you enter an email address, the email address is actually showing up on your list.
   2. Make sure that when you enter an email, you are actually transferred to the bridge page.

Pssstt…. Very much of this is already done for you in OLSP or RPM.
But here you get to know the behind the scene things.


Congratulations.  You now have a lead capture page set up.

Now you need to build out that bridge page.

Again this will adopt the same simple style as your lead capture
page.  Here’s what you want on the Bridge page:

1. A headline saying: “Thanks for Checking Out [title of cheat sheet]

2. A picture of you (rapport building.)  If a picture of yourself makes you uncomfortable you could use a cartoon-style avatar or make a cover for your cheat sheet and use that.

3. A simple message letting them know that their free cheat sheet is on its way to their email inbox right now. (this way of delivering the free asset will cut down on fake emails)

Later we’ll come back to this page, and add to this
message, but for now, this is enough.  Just a
simple instruction on how they get their free thing.

Woah, hey…

You’ve been working a little bit.  Great job getting
these two pages are set up.

In our next email, we are going to be doing a little writing,
but don’t worry, it’s going to be pretty painless and 100% necessary.  For now though…

Give yourself a pat on the back and call it a day.  Most people
don’t make it even this far.

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