Day 5 [Free List Building Tip] Little bitta writin’…

Welcome back,

Little bitta writin’…

Okay, let’s just admit something.  Yesterday was a lot.  I gave
you quite a bit to do.  I can own that.  BUT…

Here’s the thing.

Sometimes that’s just the way it goes when you want to set
yourself up for success.  If you want to get to where you are
going some days are just going to be a little harder.  Just the way it is.

Now, onto the next thing…


Before we get into the writing stuff, let’s take care of something
important real quick.  That cheat sheet that you created as a PDF…

…I want you to do something with it now.

When I told you to create a Gmail account way back at the
beginning of this challenge, what you need to understand is
that every Gmail account gets 15 gigs of free storage in a google
drive account. So you automatically have a google drive with
15 gigs of storage with your Gmail. It’s 100% free.

This is a free online cloud-based storage through Google.

I want you to upload your PDF cheat sheet to your “google drive”
account. Once there I want you to change the share permissions on
the file from “restricted” to “anyone with the link.”

You’ll get a URL. Copy and paste that into a simple notepad document
for later use. This URL will take someone to your free PDF cheat sheet.  

We’ll come back to that but for now…

Let’s get into writing some emails for your warm organic list.

You are going to write 5 emails, and these emails you are going
to schedule to go out automatically, one email a day, to everyone
who signs up for your free cheat sheet.  

The length of the emails doesn’t matter.  It is about the impact of
email marketing, not email length.  These emails are strategic.

EM1 – The Welcome Email – This first email will be the
“Welcome to the Newsletter” email.  In this email, you want
to welcome them to your online business newsletter and the community.  

You then want to give them that link to the free cheat sheet you
just stored on your google drive.  

Then you want to let them know that you will be back tomorrow
with a really important message for them.  After that, you want
to ask them a question.

Ask them what they think is the hardest part about trying to be
successful at [whatever your niche is.]

This simple email is going to not only deliver what you promised, but
it’s also going to build rapport and tease the next email a little bit.
 In addition, it is creating an open loop in the form of that question.  
You will continue to get feedback from new subscribers as they join your list.

EM2 – Origin Story – In this next email, what you want to do is talk
about how you came into your niche.  

How did you go from working a normal job to starting this online business?

How did you get into the niche that you are in?  Tell that story in
a few paragraphs.  Just tell it in your own words.  You don’t need
to be a great writer at all.

As you tell your origin story, remember that no matter how boring
you think your story might be, it doesn’t matter.  People are
interested in how you came to be involved in this niche they care about.

Towards the end of this email, be sure to let them know that you are
super interested in how they got into [whatever your niche is] and to
reply back to this email and let you know.

This email is largely rapport-building and it created another open loop
for feedback with your list in the form of an invitation to tell you about
their story.

EM3 – Actionable – In this email go back to your research of
the niche you are in.  Consider another problem people have in that niche.

Use this email to talk about some simple solutions to that problem.  Again
this doesn’t need to be long and it definitely doesn’t need to be in-depth.  
Sometimes just simply describing a 5 to a 7-bullet-point strategy that you were
learning about from some youtube video is great.

“Hey guys, last week I saw a great video about driving traffic to blogs
and took some notes as I was watching.  I wanted to share one of the
strategies with you today…”

EM4 – Actionable – In this email, you are going to give some more
actionable content just like yesterday.  It could be a personal experience.  

It could be something that you read or watched that would
be valuable and helpful to people in your niche.  

But the main point here is to provide content that your readers
can take action.

EM5 – What’s next? – Alright, this is the last email in the 5 email
sequence.  What I want you to do here is briefly talk about the original
cheat sheet that you created and gave everyone on this list.

Let them know that you want to create some more simple and helpful
cheat sheets like that, and possibly even more in-depth training at some point.

What you want to know from them though, is what they would like
to see you create something on.  What do they think would be the most
helpful to them? 

This last email is going to yet again create an open
loop for feedback.

Okay, so that’s 5 emails.  It’s a sequence.

What I want you to do now is upload these emails to your
autoresponder list for warm organic leads.  These should be
set to go out one email a day.  They get the first email as soon as they opt in.

Later we will come back and add a little something to these
emails, but for now, they are good the way they are.

Yikes, that was a long day, right?  But guess what…you are
done now.  That’s enough for one day.

Tomorrow we are moving onwards and upwards.  I want
to show you how to get some people signed up for your new newsletter.  

Until then, take care and remember to take action.  Get this stuff done!

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