Day 7 [Free List Building Tip] Is Blogging dead?

So, Is blogging dead?

A quick search on google will answer this one for you:

Is blogging dead in 2022? No, blogging is not dead in 2022
and will stay relevant for some time. Blogs are powerful and it
is the 5th most reliable source of information on the internet.
Readers trust what they read in blog posts.

Now I’m not saying you can always trust what Google has to say,
in fact, I think sometimes Google is full of crap but in this case, it’s
true.  Blogging is still a trusted source of information for people.

So now we are going to put your website to more use.  We are
going to start a blog on that site.

DAY 7 TASK:  Fire up the blog

A couple things we need before we start the blog posting.

First, we need an “About me” page.  This one is easy.  Essentially,
you want to tell the simple story of why you decided to start this
business.  Who are you trying to help and with what?

Also, be sure to put a link to your opt-in on this page.  Just let
them know that if they are looking for (whatever the problem your
opt-in solves) then click here!

Another thing you can put on your “About me”
page is your support email.

Now that you have that page done, we need some legal pages.  

Here are the ones you want to make sure you have:

* Copyright Notice
* Earnings Disclaimer
* Privacy Policy
* Terms and Conditions
* Website Disclaimer

There are a lot of ways you can get these pages.  If you want
to go with the free method, there is a link below to a place where
you can generate them for free.

After that, you are ready to start the blog.  

The way you start the blog on your website is going to
be a little different depending on where your website is
(meaning the process will be different on a free Wix site vs.
a self-hosted WordPress site.)  

However, there are simple video tutorials on youtube
about how to start a blog pretty much wherever you
have a website. 

Once you have the blog installed and you are ready,
what I want you to do is take those adapted emails
that you posted on Medium, and go ahead and post
them on your website as blog posts.

Get a Medium Account >> Click HERE

Make sure you include those pitches with links to your opt-in page.

Now you should have these pages on your website:

1. Opt-in page for the free asset
2. Bridge page for the free asset
3. About me Page
4. Copyright Notice
5. Earnings Disclaimer
6. Privacy Policy
7. Terms and Conditions
8. Website Disclaimer
9. Blog post 1
10. Blog post 2
11. Blog Post 3
12. Blog Post 4
13. Blog Post 5

That’s 13 pages so far.

Now, every week when you send out an email to your list,
you can adapt it for medium and repost that on your very
own blog.  This also will circulate more organic traffic to
your list but not just people stumbling off of google…

…do you remember back when you created that free cheat sheet?  

One of the things I had you do was put a copyright notice in
your footer.  That was a clickable link to your website.

So some people as they consume your cheat sheet will circulate back
to your website from your cheat sheet.  Also if they happen to share
it with others, you’ll get some traffic from that as well.

Okay… now things are starting to get interesting.  Methods
to madness so to speak.

I have one more email to talk with you about warm organic
list-building strategy and then we’ll move on to cold lists.  
Many times people get frustrated with how slow warm
organic traffic can come together…

…the fact is though, building trust and rapport with people
takes time in real life and we shouldn’t expect that not to be
the case online as well.  Your investment of time and energy
will pay off with these leads.

Take action on these strategies, and I’ll see you tomorrow
for our next task in this challenge!

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