Day 9 [Free List Building Tip] Burrr…It’s getting cold in here!

Burrr…It’s getting cold in here!

Cold email gets a bad wrap, it really does.  The truth
is plenty of people make their living on cold email alone,
and over the next few emails, we are going to be getting
into some cold email strategy.

Today though, I want to start things off by really
defining what I am talking about when I say “cold email.”


Cold Email – any email sent to a potential client that
doesn’t have an existing connection to you.

If you were to send someone you’ve never had any
contact with before an email you found through a
publicly available email address, that’s a cold email. 

If you were to email someone you’ve never met, asking
for feedback on a youtube video, that’s a cold email too.

The first problem with doing cold emails is that many
people go about it wrong.  That’s why we
didn’t start with it in this newsletter.

Another problem is unrealistic expectations.  We’ll get
to that later on, but first, let’s talk about doing it the
wrong way vs. the right way.

By including the following in your email you
will raise your chances of success with cold emails:

1. Your actual name (not some fake name)
2. A conversation starter
3. Some degree of personalized content
4. A specific request
5. Your contact info

Sending a cold email should feel like a personal
conversation.  It’s like a cold call, but less intrusive.  

Your goal with cold emails is to get them on your
warm organic list, not to sell them anything.

Cold email is not spam. Think about this:  

* Spam uses fake names all the time.  
* Spam is not big on including contact information.  
* Spam is very generic in nature as though meant for thousands of people.
* Spam is done for commercial intent 99 percent of the time

Let that last one sink in.  Spam isn’t meant to start a conversation,
it’s looking for a direct purchase, so very commercially motivated.  
These types of emails get filtered by email service providers routinely.

We’re not going to be sending spam.  This is just like a cold call
but in email.

With cold emails, ideally, you want to:

1. Not be going for the direct sale
2. Address the person you are emailing by name
3. Have a specific and relevant request
4. Be transparent about how you got their email

IN the next free list-building tip, we’ll be getting into
how to get some of these cold leads, but for now,
consider the things we talked about in this message.

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