Day 11 [Free List Building Tip] Free to Paid…

Today we are going to be creating something to sell, but
before we get into that, we need to add a few extra pages
to our website.  

PT1: More Legal Pages

Go ahead and create the following additional pages
on your site:

  1. Legal Pages – This will be a simple page that lists all
    your existing legal pages and links to all of them.
    Remember that legal page generator I mentioned before?
    Here is where you find it
  2. Contact – This will be a simple page that gives people a way to contact support.  
    Your support email listed on this page is fine.

Now on with our real task today…

PT2: Creating Your First Product To Sell

This is going to be easier than you think.

I want you to take your free cheat sheet that you are currently
giving away, and imagine what a paid version of that would look
like for a second.  

I want you to realize that pretty much every piece of content online
has a free version and a paid version.  Sometimes those versions get
made and sometimes they don’t, but regardless, it doesn’t change the
fact that it COULD get made.

Right now you have a one-page cheat sheet that solves a problem
in your niche.  It’s limited to no more than 10 steps or 10 ways.

First I want you to expand upon it a bit.  Think about how you could
go a bit deeper into each way or each step.  Bullet point those expanded
ideas.  Take a few notes.

Second… Now, open up your favorite mind map software and create a
mind map based on your original cheat sheet.  Be sure to add in your
expanded notes.  There are several free and open-source mind map software
out there to choose from.

Third… Next, use a simple screen recording software like streamyard
or something similar to record your narrating as you walk people through
the mind map.  Now you have a video presentation that not only covers
what is in your cheat sheet, but it goes deeper.

Fourth… You also have a mind map that you can download to supplement
the video presentation, and you can rip the audio from the video using a
free open source video editor like “shotcut” found over at  

To learn how to use shotcut, just watch a couple of freely
available youtube videos.

So now you have the video presentation, the mind map,
and the audio presentation, but what else?

Next, go over to and sign up for a
free account.  Here you can upload your audio and have
it transcribed for free by artificial intelligence in a matter
of minutes.  It will be 95% accurate.

With just minimal editing, you now have the transcription
of your video presentation. 

Okay, so what we have now is a decent low-ticket offer.  

It’s got a nice video presentation for our visual learners, an
accompanying audio for those who like to listen passively
while doing other things, a mind map and a transcription for
those who like to look at the documentation while watching
or listening.

And most importantly, this paid offer is highly congruent
with that free offer you created towards the beginning of
this challenge.

You are essentially creating the paid version of your
free offer.  It’s awesome.

In our next email, we are going to talk about how to put
all these parts together into a nice simple package and
how to sell it from your website.

For now, though, this is enough.  

Yes, today’s tasks might take a little longer than a day
to complete for you.  It just depends on how much time
you have to dedicate to this challenge, how fast you learn,
and how motivated you are to get things done.

Just remember, no matter if you are moving quickly
or moving slowly through this challenge, if you keep
your projects moving forward every day, you will win.

 If you stagnate you will lose.  It’s a simple rule
that never really changes.

Action (no matter how imperfect) always trumps
lackadaisicalness.  So let’s get this thing going!

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