Important Update From My Online Startup

Hey @everyone, it’s Chuck here.
First, I hope you’re all safe & doing well.
Secondly, in the past 2 weeks, I decided to just focus on building out the membership
because there is just too much to do and I want to launch it out as soon as possible.
Hence the little to zero engagement here in this group. I won’t apologize for this
decision because I know that the earlier I launch the new membership the better
for everyone. That being said, I want to still acknowledge your frustrations and just
ask that you trust the process and be patient with me and my team. Now, since
we’re close to launching the new membership, I’ll be more active here, so make
sure to ask your questions.
Thirdly, my obsession with “Perfection” has made it extremely hard to Launch
on time and there will definitely be some delays. I have attached a teaser to
our “Infographic Summary” for day 1 so you can see what my team and
I are building out.
Each and every lesson in our 30-Day Bootcamp will have a summary for you to
download and keep.
Combine this with our PowerPoint design and new video editing and we have a
situation where time is the only thing holding us back.
Now, I’m definitely not saying that these info summaries and powerpoints are
the “BEST IN THE WORLD” type of design. But the truth is, it still does take a lot
of time to create them. I simply just want to make my lessons more engaging
and fun for you guys. Again, it’s a fault of my Obsession to be perfect but I truly
believe it will all be worth it when we finally launch.
Fourthly, if you are a Founding Member. Trust me when I say, I got you and that
there is nothing to worry about. Once we launch the new membership, I’ll make
sure that there is a time period where only you can promote MOS (If you want to),
and I’ll make sure to provide done-for-you Facebook Banners, Email Swipes,
Training etc to ensure you crush it. To put things into perspective, back then
when I focused on helping Founding Members promote, we had heaps of people
making $1,000 + per day. I expect more this time around.
Fifthly, if you are a Free member, all I can tell you as someone who cares is to do
whatever you can to become a Founding Member. The short-term and long-term
benefits you will get as a Founding member will easily be worth a lot more than
just the $197 investment.
The bundle of courses that I plan to create will already exceed the $5,000 mark.
Not to mention all the special discounts, special perks, paid resources AND the
20% matching bonus.
There will also be heaps more future benefits that will surface when we partner
up with other Founders and businesses. Now, of course, you can wait around to
see the new changes first before making any buying decision but just know that
chances are, the cost to become a Founding Member will increase to $497.
Lastly, My Online Startup is NOT a product launch. We are NOT just another
business opportunity.
We are NOT just here for the short term. We are NOT just another “thing”.
Mark my words when I say that My Online Startup will simply take over the industry.
I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely certain that the market is sick and tired
of buying shtty ass products and promoting junk just for a quick buck.
We will change that.
I just need a tad more time, a tad more trust and a tad more patience.
Too long, didn’t read (TLDR): If you are a Founding Member, you are in the best
position possible to build a successful business that you can be proud of.
If you are a Free Member, do whatever it takes to become a Founding Member
before the price increases.
I hope this message finds you well 🙂
Stay focused. Stay awesome & Stay humble.
Talk soon,
So very exciting news from Chuck
If you want to join now before the release, do it
=>> HERE!

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