Day 1. FREE List Building Tip!

To help you succeed with your online business and in particular,
in building your list and getting more leads, I have a series of
free quick list building tips to share with you over the next 14 days
presented to you in the form of a challenge. 

During this challenge, I will for the most part,
put links to the resources I mention at the bottom
of the email so that they don’t get in the way of the content.

Some of these are special links that get you a discount
or a freebie, so do watch out for them. I suggest bookmarking
them in a special bookmark folder so you have them handy
when you need them.

Write what you know.

Mark Twain said that and I can’t argue with him.  
The advice is so elegantly simple that it is at the
same time both graceful and profound.

Over these next 14 days, I am going to help you
build your email list.  Before we begin though
I need you to accept a couple things as truth.

Truth #1

An email list is the most important thing you
can do online.  

It should be your top priority. Building an email list
is not just a part of your online business, it is the HEART
of your online business.  

In fact, without an email list, having a sustainable
online business is infinitely harder, far more expensive,
and essentially just less efficient in all ways.  It’s a fact.

Truth #2

Your success will be defined by your action.  
It seems pretty obvious, but it’s good to be
reminded and it’s absolutely true.  If you don’t
take action on these daily tasks, then you will
not succeed in this challenge.

I can show you the way, but you must decide to commit
to this process alone.  No one can force you.  It’s a fact.

If you follow this 14 day challenge, you
WILL have an email list at the end, and you will
be that much closer to your goal of online success.  

It’s not a possibility, it’s a fact.  So get excited and let’s move on.

Now that we have those two simple truths,
let’s build upon that solid foundation. 


The First thing we need to do is prepare.  

This is your Day 1 task.  Every new venture begins
with some preparation, and this challenge is no different.  

Here are the 3 things you will need for this challenge:

1. A name – All good online businesses and projects
have names.  Yours can be anything.  I only have two
strong recommendations.  

First, don’t give your business a name that would make
people think of something completely unrelated to your
business.  For example, If you are selling weight loss products,
don’t name your business “Dog Training R Us.”  

It’s ok for them not to know what your business IS based
on the name, you just don’t want them to make assumptions
that isn’t true.  

And the second thing is don’t make it too long. The 4-word rule;
If it’s longer than 4 words it’s probably too long to remember.  
You want people to be able to find you easily and remember
you easily.  So in the spirit of brand awareness, keep it short and

You don’t need to register the name with the small business
association or anything.  You don’t need to form an LLC.  You
just need to have that name in your mind.  Make sure nobody else
is already using it.

Once you have the name, open a simple Gmail account for your
business.  This is important. If you called your business Super Smash
Leads, you could open up a Gmail account called

Now that email will come into play later, but for
now, it’s enough just to have it.

Easy enough right? 

Once you have it, let’s get to the second thing you need…

2. An autoresponder – If you can accept the truth that
email is the heart of the online business, then you must understand
that the autoresponder is the tool that drives email.  It is the most
important thing you can have when working online. 

This is the tool that is going to collect emails for you, it’s going
to let you send out 1 email to thousands of people on your list, and
it’s even going to allow you to set up entire sequences of emails
to go out to people automatically when they sign up to be on your list.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to autoresponders.  From
industry leaders like Sendinblue, Aweber, and Mailchimp to lesser-known
solutions, it can be overwhelming to select one.

Most of them cost money, and most of them offer some kind
of free or trial start-up options to soften that blow.

With your autoresponder, it’s better to go with an option
that is economically viable for you, but that has also
been around for a while.

Autoresponders that have been around for a long time
tend to be more reliable and offer better deliverability
with the emails that you are sending out.

For example, Aweber has been around since 1998.  You don’t
get to be an autoresponder company for over 20 years by not
doing a good job.

They aren’t the only good option, but just one example. Another
with great longevity is GetResponse.

Both of these have a free level so you can get started without
having to part with any money. You only start paying after
you have built the foundations of your list. 

Anyways, the autoresponder is critical.  Don’t bother doing this
challenge without one. Don’t spend hours deliberating on which
is best, just make a decision and go with it.

Moving on…

3. A website – The third thing I want you to acquire, is a website.  

Now…can you build a list without a website?  Yes, you can.  
But that’s not how we are going to do it here.

There is a method to our madness.  The website is going to offer
us a few things that we will be getting into in upcoming emails.
But for now, it’s enough that you get one.

If it’s not in your budget to pick up hosting and register a website,
you can use a free option like WIX(dot)com if you need to.  

Obviously, you have a little more control if you own the site
and pay for the hosting, but you can make this work with a free site.


So that’s the homework.

To reiterate, you need these 3 things to start this challenge

1. A name for your online business/project and an email

2. An autoresponder

3. A website

Alright, that’s enough for now.

Get those things together, and I’ll see you tomorrow
for day 2 of our 14 day Quick List Build Challenge.

Speak soon,

Mats Jacobson

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