CLIQLY Email Marketing?

I’m a member of the CLIQLY Email business and I’m happy with my results so far.
It’s a really simple business and easy money. Yes, you have heard it before.
But there are many that complain over the business.
Although simple you need to learn and study the business you are into.
Here’s a good post about what he and I want to tell our downlines.

I don’t spend my time trying to recruit people into my Cliqly business (I chose not to), even though I have been successful in the past and have taught thousands the ins and outs of what I used to do when building my teams BUT if I did, there are a few things I would tell them once they signed up for the free trial…

1. During your trial, read each page, and watch all videos, in both Cliqly and Conversion House Media to get a good understanding of what your new potential business is all about. Knowledge is power!

2. Next, follow the steps Bobby laid out. Send your 40k LB each day and send out your Cliqly Pro emails (15 X 5,000) so you can see that the system does work. (Takes 10 to 15 minutes per day)

3. If you decide you want to upgrade, great. It is $97. If it’s not for you, no worries. You at least tested it out, that’s all I could ask for.

I’d be honest with them from the get-go. This could be their business if they choose to move forward. There are ongoing costs, just like with any business you start. You can build it at your own pace, on your own budget. Just know that the rewards can be great, as long as you treat it as your business and not just some opportunity. There is GOLD in the email marketing business BUT it is not always for everyone.

If they upgrade, I work with them and answer questions they have. I make myself available to them. BUT I would also tell them the following…

1. Congratulations on taking the next step to build your own successful email marketing business. After you set up your Cliqly Pro emails and List Builder emails to go out, please take time to read EACH page and watch ALL videos on ALL pages…and better get to understand YOUR business. You are in control! Knowledge is KEY, the more you learn, the better off you will be.

2. Watch the videos in Conversion House Media and make sure to set up your bank info and submit your ID and W9, so that when you reach the threshold of $300, you are all set and ready to start receiving money from YOUR business you are building.

3. Learn everything you can WHILE sending your emails DAILY. There is a wealth of info! Attend live calls IF you can or watch the recordings.

4. Once you get a good understanding of how YOUR business works, should you decide you wish to share it with others, by all means, do so. BUT know your business first. You won’t do your new trial members any good IF you do know your business.

Making yourself available to help your direct referrals is KEY…IF you chose to bring people in. You don’t have to refer people to grow your business. You don’t have to refer people to make money from your business. BUT if you choose to, remember, be accessible to them and HELP guide them if need be.

Remember, your success is their success and their success is your success. This applies to ANY business (or opportunity) you build or promote.

Just my 2 cents on how I would approach things. IF this helps anyone, it’s a PLUS for me.

I love building my Cliqly business.

The platform Bobby has put in place and shared with us IS flat-out awesome. I appreciate everything he has put into this and will continue to put into it moving forward.

Thank you, Bobby and the Cliqly Team!


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