How can I support my downline as a newbie?

You often hear that you need to support your downline to achieve trust and like from them.
And this is a very important issue and task.
But you may ask as new as an online marketer, how do I do that? I know nothing about affiliate
marketing and so on.

But you can start by learning as much as you can about the program you joined so you can find the
information you need.
Besides, you often can do more than the new member that joins after you.
And admit to your downline that you are not an expert may be a success for you. You can do the journey together with your downline. Discuss, and ask questions together. It may show that you are a real
human and be better “tuned” to your downline.

So don’t be afraid to reveal your lack of knowledge. You will learn along the road and I’m sure you have certain skills that you can use in your marketing. You can be good at graphics, writing stuff. Create pages, make connections in social media, and so on.

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