The Truth About Forced Matrix Compensation Plans

I must share this FaceBook post with you. Steve nailed it.
If you have tried those programs you have the answer here why you failed.

I’m amazed at how many people simply don’t get why matrixes/forced matrixes dont work long term so I put this together to help those of you who either don’t get it or hadn’t considered this.

Imagine you join a 2 x 2 forced matrix where everyone joining after you even if you dont refer them falls into the same matrix as you. You join when there are 32,767 people in the matrix and you are the 32,768th member. You are on level 15 and level 16 is just starting to build. In order for just 2 people to fall under you another 32,770 people have to join and at the point you would be paid on 2 people.

If the matrix grew to 2,097,151 people you would still only have 64 people below you. The 1,048,576 on level 21 quit after a month because they have nobody below them, (unless another 2,097,152 join) the 524,288 on level 20 only have 2 so they quit too, and then that massive matrix that looked great when you first saw it goes down faster than a hookers knickers on easy street.

Stop wasting your time on these deals that are doomed to fail. Get into an established business and build for the long game and a year from now you’ll be glad you started today. Ask me how!

Here’s the FaceBook post if you like to read it


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